Saturday, 24 February 2018

Drop the Pilot- Alligator Point (2003)

Tysto from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to discuss the show Nathan Fillion did for pilot season right after Firefly's untimely cancellation. We talk about the cast, the unfunny dialogue and the second attempt at the pilot six years later.We also discuss "will they, won't they" plots in shows such as Castle, Cheers and Moonlighting and small tangents spawn from that.  Tysto likes this more than me but we both think it is nobody's loss that it didn't get picked up. Apologies for the dodgy sound on this episode, hopefully it will be fixed for next time.  

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Drop the Pilot- Red Dwarf USA (1992)

Martin Lejeune and Owen Ward from the Extended Edition podcast join me to discuss the two attempts at bringing classic British sit-com Red Dwarf to the US. We talk about the odd casting of Lister, the perils of adapting an existing show but not changing much and wonder if Rimmer is supposed to actually be a character in this or not.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Drop the Pilot- Coming to America (1989)

Eddie Murphy produces but smartly does not appear in this pilot that aired a year after the film was released. Join Tysto from Tysto Commentaries and myself as we talk about this bafflingly unfunny show. We discuss the comedy stylings of star Tommy Davidson, the now dated pop culture references and Tysto helpfully keeps telling me what other projects the cast members have done before and since.