Monday, 23 November 2020

Fringe Division- The Arrival


Hey, folks, we're not sure but there may be a bald guy in a suit in this episode! It's episode 4 of Fringe and things are starting to happen. We obviously talk about the bald guy, who also gets a name this episode and Jimmy has a wee moan about the writing of Peter. Which Martin dismisses. Next episode will be out on December 7th. 

Monday, 16 November 2020

Drop the Pilot- Beane's of Boston (1979)

Nick and Alex from the Release the Clowns podcast return to talk about the proposed American version of the classic UK sitcom, Are You Being Served? We talk abut the cast (as usual), the original show and why it was a weird choice adapting this particular episode for American audiences. Also, why did they change Peacock's title? Why demote him to just "Mr"? Well, we discuss this and many more things. The audio on my side isn't great on occasion but it's still listenable. Anyway, the pilot is on Youtube, the link is below.

Pilot on Youtube

Monday, 9 November 2020

So, What's The Problem? Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)


It's our early Thanksgiving special! And for this, we visit one of Jimmy's childhood favourites. Also, it's the first John Hughes movie on the show! How have we gone 15 episodes without covering his problematic ass? It's less so here but there are still things to discuss. We disagree on the characters but agree on the actors portraying them and Jimmy goes on a rant about the 80s music career of a former Beatle. Next episode is a new Drop the Pilot and So, What's the Problem shall return on December 1st. Contains strong language. 

We miss John Candy...

Monday, 2 November 2020

Fringe Division- The Ghost Network


Episode three of Fringe gives us nice visuals, good character work and an interesting plot, all good so far. As we tend to miss talking about certain things that may have been important or interesting, I have inserted some clips of the show during this episode. Contains strong language. 

Friday, 30 October 2020

Bonus- The Faculty (1998) Commentary

 Jimmy and Jen talk about The Faculty in this feature length commentary. They talk about The cast, the obviousness of the lead alien and which parts of the plot just don't make sense. Jen is watching on DVD while Jimmy is watching on Blu-ray. Contains strong language and complaints about 90's hair. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Bonus- An American Werewolf in London (1981) Commentary.

So, Tysto and I recorded a commentary for the second best Werewolf movie of the early 80s. Yeah, that's right, I said it. JOE DANTE RULES! Ahem... anyway, this is a joint production with Tysto's podcast and a slightly different version of it is available on Contains strong language. 

Saturday, 24 October 2020

So, What's the Problem? Cherry Falls (2000)


Jimmy and Jen get into the Halloween spirit with this little seen horror comedy from the turn of the century. It's the one about the killer knocking off virgins in the small town of Cherry Falls. We talk about the premise, the cast, the very odd character beats, how the MPAA screwed the movie and, sadly, rape and pressuring people into having sex in the context of said motion picture. Contains strong language and adult themes. Recorded on 11th October 2020. 

Brittany Murphy after reading the premise of the movie-

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Bonus: Urban Legend commentary


As a special bonus episode to celebrate the spooky season, Jimmy and Jen recorded a full length audio commentary to the 1998 teen slasher movie, Urban Legend. We discuss many things as the movie goes on, including how pretty the cast are, the score, how urban legends translate across the pond and much more. We pause the movie after the Phoenix Pictures logo and countdown to when we play the movie. Do the same and it'll be like we are watching the movie with you! While being really annoying while constantly talking over it. Enjoy!

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Fringe Division- The Same Old Story


Extremely fast births, rapidly aging babies, eyes standing up on their stalks, Peter singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Walter sleeping in a closet, it's all happening in episode 2 of Fringe. Contains strong language. 

Premonition of Tomorrow by Keys of Moon |
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Monday, 12 October 2020

Drop the Pilot- The Return of the World's Greatest Detective (1976)


Tysto and Jimmy discuss the pilot with the longest name ever. It would have been called Alias Sherlock Holmes if it went to series, a fact the two idiots forgot to mention. They also discuss other mystery shows (Tysto is a fan of the genre) as well as other Larry Hagman projects. Jimmy has an issue with the way a character is written (shocker) and there is brief strong language. Drop the Pilot will be back in November. 

Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Fringe Division- Pilot


Jimmy and Martin join forces to co-host a brand new bi-monthly podcast, all about the TV show Fringe. It's a spoiler free podcast, so you can watch with us even for the first time. We give a plot synopsis even if you aren't watching along. We also talk about the cast and our memories of watching it for the first time. Fringe is available on StarzPlay in the UK and IMBD TV in the US. We are watching on DVD (Martin) and Blu-ray (not Martin). Next episode- 19th October. 

Premonition of Tomorrow by Keys of Moon

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

So, What's the Problem? St. Elmo's Fire (1985)


It's Jen's turn and she picked one of the most angsty, pretentious movies of the 1980s with one of the worst cast of characters ever. Prepare yourself, folks, because there will be ranting. Contains strong language and talk of stalking and attempted rape in the context of this stupid movie. 

This movie predicted 2020-

Monday, 21 September 2020

So, What's the Problem? Drop Dead Fred (1991)


It's Jimmy's pick this time round and he chose a favourite from his youth. Did Jimmy's childhood love for Rik Mayall blind him to how bad this movie actually is or is the movie actually good? Does it use mental illness for cheap laugh or is it actually a smart assessment on the subject? Also... is Fred real? They answer all those questions with strong language and talk of childhood trauma, abandonment and mental health issues. 

Ummm... isn't this a kid's film? (They answer that question too)

Sunday, 13 September 2020

So, What's the Problem? The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996)


It's another one of Jen's favourites and one Jimmy hadn't seen until a few days before recording. Does he like it? Does Jen still? Actually, we all know the answer to that second one. Contains some strong language, but not a lot and we tell you what the next movie is that we're covering. Clue... we're still going to be in the 90s. But it's Jimmy's pick, so expect something weird or lesser known. 

Janeane Garofalo hates this line-