So, What's the Problem? Every Problem and Positive (part two)


In our final anniversary celebration post (finally), here are every official problem and positive from year two of out podcast. Covers the movies 48 Hrs. (episode 35) to Prom Night (episode 70).  You can find the first part HERE

48. Hrs


One- This movie doesn’t like women very much. 

Two- Noticeable stunt double for Eddie Murphy. 

Three- The entire Busboys song plays live in the bar. 

Positive- Eddie Murphy


One- Misogyny. And homophobia. 

Two- Racism. 

Three- It’s boring. 

Positive- One line said by Jack’s boss. 

American Beauty


One- The marketing is based on the naked body of a 16 year old girl. 

Two- The depiction of the angry closeted homophobe. 

Three- Wes Bentley’s acting. 

Positive- The direction or the score. 


One- “geek boy” and “lame-o” is bad dialogue. 

Two- Lester looks in shape when he’s supposed to be out of shape. 

Three- Wes Bentley’s acting/the character’s mannerisms. 

Positive- Kevin Spacey. 

Short Circuit


One- Bad sound mixing regarding a laugh in the crowd at the start. 

Two- The way the guys talk about Stephanie, including the robot. 

Three- Stephanie is terrible at looking after animals. 

Positive- It’s a family movie, aimed at families but has no forced kid characters. 


One- Stephanie isn’t very smart. 

Two- The horniness

Three- Herself because she can’t buy the robot developing feelings. 

Positive- The movie has heart. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous


One- The use of the word retard

Two- Brett didn’t get shot between the eyes, it was above his right eye. 

Three- The movie loses me in the third act. 

Positive- Allison Janney


One- The use of the word retard. 

Two- Judge number one, the pervert. 

Three- Brittany Murphy outs her brother to her dad. 

Positive- The acting

Crocodile Dundee


One- It plays like a connection of sketches. It’s not well written. 

Two- Mick commits sexual assualt twice for comedy. 

Three- Sue isn’t a strong female character. 

Positive- The main themes on the soundtrack. 


One- They should sleep in a tent at night, there are snakes!

Two- Sue takes pictures of the tribe without consent. 

Three- In NY, people would be looking at Mick and complaining he’s bumping into them. 

Positive- Linda Kozlowski

Return to Oz


One- People mistake this as a sequel to the movie due to the marketing. 

Two- The chicken is annoying. 

Three- Jack calling Dorothy “mom” is weird. 

Positive- The fact that this movie got made and Disney taking risks. 


One- The movie was so forgotten, she thought she imagined it. 

Two- Dorothy underreacts to the chicken talking. 

Three- The lunch pail tree. 

Positive- Fairuza Balk



One- No difference in tone between the real world and the fantasy world. 

Two- The score. 

Three- The relationship is based on Jack knowing Janet and not Louise. 

Positive- John Candy’s size is never mentioned. 


One- Jack yelling at Louise. 

Two- Jack threatens to strangle Rachel. 

Three- Jack was going to let the producer choke to death to get what he wants. 

Positive- Mariel Hemingway

Beauty and the Beast


One- The curse makes no sense. 

Two- Belle has no arc, she’s just there to move everyone else’s plots along. 

Three- Rhyming “facade” with “odd”. 

Positive- The movie is gorgeous to look at. 


One- The enchantress is a bitch. 

Two- Both the Beast and Gaston are abusive. 

Three- Bestiality. 

Positive- The music. 

The Adventures of Mark Twain


One- Who is this movie for?

Two- The humans look weird and ugly apart from Mark Twain. 

Three- The mysterious stranger segment. 

Positive-The movie looks great


One- The “Mark Twain is going to let these kids die” fake-out. 

Two- Clay people making people out of clay is freaky.  

Three- Tom Sawyer goes into his own book and knows Twain wrote the book. 

Positive- The detail of the animation. 

The Care Bears Movie


One- Did the parents abandon them? It’s confusing. 

Two- The Care Bears are a cult of creepy stalkers. 

Three- Why does Kim want to be a nurse and Jason a jet pilot? Not very progressive. 

Positive- The movie is short.  


One- The opening song is bad. 

Two- The kids change their attitude far too quickly. 

Three- Not naming the evil spirit is lazy. 

Positive- Care-a-Lot. 

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. 


One- Sexism. 

Two- Racism. And dodgy caricatures. 

Three- Who is this for? 

Positive- Finding out that Dag means bit of sheep's wool covered in poop. 


One- Sexism 

Two- The beginning is depressing. 

Three- Orin getting a new girlfriend right after his other one dies. 

Positive- The slaves get freed. 

She’s All That


One- Are we supposed to like Zack?

Two- The Bully scene

Three- Attempted sexual assault isn’t funny. 

Positive- The dance sequence. 


One- Hacky sack. 

Two- The pubic hair thing. 

Three- He wouldn’t be allowed to sit at Graduation naked. 

Positive- The performances. 

Bugsy Malone


One- Bugsy Malone is not as advertised in his title song. 

Two- The adult voices coming from the kids’ mouths. 

Three- The character of Leroy Smith is pointless. 

Positive- The creativity of the movie. 


One- The kids singing with adult voices is weird. 

Two- The outfits of the young female dancers.

Three- The ending. 

Positive- The general idea of the movie is interesting. 

Scream 3


One- The voice changer makes no sense. 

Two- Adding too much to the mum’s back story. 

Three- The new characters aren’t engaging enough. 

Positive- What the movie does with Sidney. 


One- The ghost mom. It’s hard to tell what is real and what’s in Sid’s head. 

Two- Courtney Cox’s hair. 

Three- The retconning changes the meaning of the first movie.

Positive- Parker Posey. 

Halloween III: Season of the Witch


One- Dan is the worst protagonist. 

Two- Bugs

Three- Despite the use of title cards, the movie isn’t very coherent. 

Positive- Dan O’Herliry


One- Dan is terrible. 

Two- It’s a gory movie/the shot of fingers in the eyes. 

Three- There’s no need for the sexual relationship. 

Positive- The score



One- Virgin shaming

Two- Who is watching the cat while they are away? 

Three- Women in this world are here to breed and that’s it. 

Positive- They explain Arnie’s accent. 


One- The nun and child relationship. 

Two- How did the bad guys know where they are all the time? 

Three- They murder a man and Julius doesn’t care. 

Positive- The “I’ll be back” was subtle. 

Red Heat


One- Jim Belushi’s character is an asshole. 

Two- The man in disguise is not a transvestite or drag queen. 

Three- The treatment of Gina Gershon’s character. 

Positive- The hero is Russian and a better cop than the Americans during the Cold War. 


One- The bad guys have good aim except when it comes to the main characters. 

Two- They focus too much on the naked women. 

Three- What is the point of the sex worker? Why didn’t she just run away?

Positive- Arnie and the character hating Capitalism. 

Last Action Hero


One- The meta movie world makes no sense. Is the animated cat in the Jack Slater movies?

Two- This movie has a terrible CG explosion. 

Three- It’s too long and the third act drags.

Positive- Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard. 


One- The timing during the house robbery scene makes no sense. 

Two- It’s too long. 

Three- The music when the Asian man opens the door. 

Positive- Jack saying he’s never actually spoken to a woman before. 



One- It’s painfully unfunny. 

Two- The two protagonists bond over the kid lusting over a sex worker.

Three- Rich people have ridiculous houses. 

Positive- Dutch says Doyle is his friend and he’ll never be the kid’s father. 


One- Dutch the person. 

Two- The racy cards. 

Three- The child abuse. 

Positive- The acting. 



One- What was the point of Bennett faking his death?

Two- Is Matrix a Mary Sue?

Three- Brown face

Positive- the score or the stunts


One- The woman at the start just wakes up and she has a full face of make up on. 

Two- Why is Cindy involved at all? 

Three- Cindy doesn’t get her time to shine. 

Positive- A black woman being the sidekick. 

True Lies


One- Harry is a fucking man-baby. 

Two- The tech guy pees and doesn’t wash his hands but uses the equipment in the van. 

Three- How much has passed before the last scene?

Positive- Jamie Lee Curtis


One- “Women, can live with them, can’t kill them”

Two- The movie is too long. 

Three- Why doesn’t Helen question things more during the interrogation scene. 

Positive- Helen 

Jingle all the Way


One- The movie score is OTT and in your face. 

Two- The movie’s morals are kind of strange. 

Three- The kid gives the toy to Myron. 

Positive- The movie is short.


One- Myron

Two- Movies about horrible fathers that we’re supposed to root for. 

Three- Why don’t they realise Turboman is Howard sooner? 

Positive- Arnie. 

One Magic Christmas


One- It’s depressing. 

Two- Clunky dialogue. 

Three- Santa and Gideon killed the husband and the kids so Ginny can learn a lesson. 

Positive- The cast.


One- The parents are poor but have a lot of money in savings. 

Two- Gideon is a strange man talking to kids and turns up in a little girl’s room. 

Three- Who gets a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve? 

Positive- It’s interesting despite being depressing. 

Trading Places


One- The score is very distracting. 

Two- Black face. 

Three- Rape is funny. 

Positive-Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd.


One- Racism. 

Two- Homophobia.

Three- Does Jamie Lee Curtis have to be naked?

Positive- The message of the movie. 



One- Penis breath

Two- E.T. looks freaky. 

Three- The special edition. 

Positive- The score is amazing. 


One- The wasted pizza. 

Two- The movie looks too dark

Three- Watching young Drew Barrymore knowing what happens to her. 

Positive- The kids

The Craft


One- I don’t buy Neve Campbell and Rachel True as outcasts. 

Two- Bugs(and the third act in general).

Three- Real life racism against Rachel True. 

Positive- The soundtrack


One- I don’t buy that this movie takes place in L.A. due to the rain. 

Two- Snakes.

Three- Robin Tunney’s wig. 

Positive- The soundtrack.

Kate & Leopold


One- The score at the start. 

Two- Kate shocks a dog.

Three- Kate is Stu’s great, great, grandmother. 

Positive- Hugh Jackman.


One- Breckin Meyer’s Indian accent. 

Two-. Kate babbling during her speech is lazy. 

Three- Kate is Stu’s great, great, grandmother. 

Positive- Meg Ryan’s performance and wardrobe. 

Blind Date


One- The James Brown car alarm is out of place. 

Two- Why does the plot hinge on Walter finding Nadia attractive? 

Three- The comedic tone. 

Positive- How good 80s comedy Bruce Willis is. 


One- "I've never hit a woman before but…"

Two- When Nadia sobers up, Walter won’t let her go. 

Three- How can they be in love with each other after such a brief time? 

Positive- When Nadia breaks up the marriage. 

Lethal Weapon


One- The psychiatrist lady is correct and the captain is wrong. 

Two- Homophobic language. 

Three- The final fight is kind of boring and poorly directed

Positive- Race between Roger and Riggs isn’t an issue. 


One- Is the nudity essential? 

Two- The entire family barging in on Roger taking a bath. 

Three- Clunky exposition. 

Positive- Mel Gibson and Danny Glover’s chemistry. 

American Pie


One- Stifler

Two- Nadia gets deported for the webcam thing. 

Three- Stifler's mum sleeping with Finch. 

Positive- Eugene Levy


One- The line, “lifetime supply of pantyhose or some shit”

Two- The Nadia webcam thing. 

Three- You don't use two condoms at the same time, it's unsafe. 

Positive- The female characters are in control of the sex. 



One- The opening credits scene is too long and nothing to do with the actual movie. 

Two- Dennis Hopper shouldn’t be able to snap his fingers with no fun. 

Three- The third act. 

Positive- Sandra Bullock.


One- The “bomb on bus” sign. 

Two- The newscaster who reports on Beth Grant’s death. 

Three- The forced romance. 

Positive- It’s a thrilling movie even on a re-watch. 



One- It’s not the lighthearted movie it appears to be. 

Two- Toxic work environment for women. 

Three- Paul beats up someone who clearly has issues.

Positive- Tom Hanks (and David Moscow)


One- Josh throws his bag away but never picks it back up. 

Two- How does he get the stuff in his apartment so fast? 

Three- Nobody seems to think Josh has a mental issue because he doesn’t pretend to be an adult. 

Positive- It’s not as icky as it could have been. 

My Girl 2


One- Judy isn’t a very good friend.

Two- Nick

Three- Phil and Rosie’s drama. 

Positive- Shelly is the best stepmother. 


One- The mom backstory retcon. 

Two- Phil lets Vada go into a stranger’s house alone. 

Three- The existence of this movie. 

Positive- Anna Chlumsky (again). 

Short Circuit 2


One- Brownface is still a thing. 

Two- Why send Johnny 5 to Ben in a big city?

Three- The scene where Five is destroyed is fucked up. 

Positive- The score


One- How fake the opening looks. 

Two- The music clues plot point. 

Three- Sandy's terrible jacket in the third act. 

Positive- Fisher Stevens. 

Three Men and a Baby


One- The opening credits. 

Two- The ghost boy urban legend. 

Three- That was absolutely a giraffe and not a dinosaur. 

Positive- Chemistry between the leads. 


One- They show a whole naked female baby. 

Two- Leaving the baby but not supplies. 

Three- Don’t take a baby to a drug deal. 

Positive-The opening credits. 

Prom Night


One- The teens look too old. 

Two- The dance sequence. 

Three- Leslie Nielsen vanishes from the movie but doesn't die. 

Positive- The killer is tragic and sympathetic. 


One- It's slow and boring

Two- Why would you take the sister of the girl you accidentally killed to the prom? 

Three- The voice overs are out of place. 

Positive- The killer is sympathetic.


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