Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Drop the Pilot- Not Another High School Show (2007)

I am joined by Jen from the Pilot Inspectors podcast to chat about the 2007 spoof sit-com Not Another High School Show. We talk about the jokes, the cast and the shows that the pilot spoofs. Jen also schools me on The O.C. which is what a lot of this show is based on. I watched it for Buffy and Dawson's Creek...  As Jen is new to the show, I try very super-duper hard to keep my Scottish accent in check. I probably fail miserably on occasion but we have a good chat nonetheless. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Interview With the Co-Writer of Callahan!

On a very special episode of Drop the Pilot, I am joined by David Misch, the co-writer and producer of the subject of last week's episode, Callahan! David was kind enough to join me in a lively chat about how he got started in the business, the leads, the stunts and what he thinks works and doesn't work in the pilot. Links to David's Youtube channel and to his books available on Amazon US are below. Oh, David worked on the script for Muppets Take Manhattan and is credited as a "special consultant". Since I foolishly forgot to mention that in the interview here is a photo of him and Kermit on the set.  

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Drop the Pilot- Callahan. (1982)

My friend Tyso from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to talk about the goofy comedy pilot Callahan from 1982. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellis from Die Hard before he was Ellis from Die Hard. As a contrast to last week's episode, I actually like the pilot more than my guest does but that isn't actually difficult as Tysto hates this. I think he is being silly and not to be taken seriously, just like the pilot. In all seriousness, I don't think it is that bad... but it certainly does have problems. Next: A very special episode of Drop the Pilot...

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Drop the Pilot-B-Men (1989)

John Pavlich  joins me once again to discuss the actually rather enjoyable action comedy B-Men, written by Dave Thomas and directed by Steve Miner. John likes it slightly more than me but there are worse ways to spend your time. Like watching the Clerks pilot again. Nobody needs to do that. We talk about the music, the casting, the characters and my issues with how one is written. Like Evel Knievel, I love the score to this. Also, like Evel Knievel's kick ass theme, I have included the one to B-Men at the end of this podcast. Enjoy. Next episode, an early 80s pilot that surprisingly starred someone who was actually a movie star at the time...

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Drop the Pilot-Clerks (1995)

Part-time Youtuber and Kevin Smith fan, Owen Ward joins me to discus the baffling Kevin Smith-less sit-com pilot Clerks from 1995. We talk about the cast, the "humour" and basically just ponder, why? Oh, spoilers, it is not very good but we have a fun chat about it, so we hope you enjoy. Bonus bit of trivia I forgot to mention on the podcast, the end credits song is Soul Asylum's Can't Even Tell from the movie. The Kevin Smith directed music video features the cast from the film and thankfully not from this thing. I've linked to it below. This podcast contains mild foul language as I describe characters as part of the male anatomy. A lot. Oh and I state that I worked in a video store in the 90s. Which is false, it was the early 2000s. Fake News! Next episode: a pilot based on an original premise. A novelty, that, on this podcast...