Wednesday, 25 May 2022

So, What's the Problem? Clip Show (Year Two)

 So, here it is, our year two clip show! A collection of clips from the second year of our podcast. Revisit moments from 48 Hrs., Beauty and the Beat, Halloween 3,Blind Date and more! Re-listen to the rants, the the tangents and the mistakes. Contains strong language, as usual. It's be weird if I edited all of the swearing out. 

Monday, 16 May 2022

So, What's the Problem? Clip Show (Year One)

 Hey, folks, Jimmy and Jen are taking a wee break but since they don't want to leave you all with no shows, they have decided to release clip shows. Is that lazy? Not really, it still took Jimmy weeks to listen to the episodes again to find clips and then edit them together. Really doesn't feel like a break at all... anyway, enjoys this "best of" from the first year of the podcast and hopefully next week will be highlights from year two. Contains strong language. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

So, What's the Problem? Every Problem and Positive (part one)

 To celebrate our second anniversary, Jimmy  listened to every episode again, on one and a half speed, to note down all of the official problems and positives each movie we have covered has. What do we mean by official? Well, often, Jimmy and Jen, let's face it, mostly Jen, often has more than three problems, but we are going to ignore those. Such the three main ones are considered here. This entry covers the movies The Crush (episode 1) to The Wizard (episode 34). 

The Crush


One- It's based on a true story (sort of) and originally used the girl's real name. 

Two- the way songs are used, especially one about sex over a scene of a child sunbathing. 

Three- The practicality of having a whole carousel in an attic with a small door. 

Positive- The wondeful stupidity of the third act especially how Nick takes Adrian/Darian out. 


One- Nick is an idiot.

Two- Cary Elwes' American accent

Three- The way 90s movies depict computers. 

Positive- Alicia Silverstone.

Sleepless in Seattle


One- An ugly bow-tie. 

Two- Watching movies set at Christmas in May

Three- Walter deserves better. 

Positive- Tom Hanks


One- Leaving 8 year olds home alone. 

Two- The stalking thing. 

Three- How does Sam’s friends not know what’s going on? 

Positive- The movie makes you want them to get together. 

The Net


One- The acting is mostly poor and Bullock is mis-cast. 

Two- Angela and Alan both leave uneaten Chinese food in the hotel room. 

Three-  It’s not very thrilling. 

Positive- It’s a good looking film. 


One- Ableism because it paints Angels as wrong for wanting to stay home to work. 

Two- Angela’s hat is terrible

Three- Alan is a dick

Positive-  The movie has aged well plus Angela. 

Police Academy


One- Mahoney is terrible. 

Two- Shouldn’t be R rated. 

Three- Too many reused jokes/repeated insults. 

Positive- The score. 


One- Can’t tell if it’s offensive or progressive. 

Two- The blowjob scene. 

Three- Movie doesn’t play as well due to modern times. 

Positive- The premise. 

Can’t Hardly Wait


One- Preston is an entitled douchebag. 

Two- Kenny Fisher pees but doesn’t wash his hands. 

Three- The UFO part makes no sense. 

Positive- Denise is the best. 


One- The movie was cut from R to PG-13. 

Two- Homophobia

Three- Preston leaves his baggage behind at the airport. 

Positive- The soundtrack



One- Freddy

Two- The date captions are pointless. 

Three- The ending. 

Positive- The underwater photography. 


One- Freddy

Two- Allen is basically in love with Madison because she jumps his bones right away.

Three- The ending

Positive- Madison. 

The Goonies 


One- Why are they friends with Chunk when they clearly don’t like him. 

Two- It’s not well made. 

Three- One Eyed Willy means penis…

Positive- The Score and the Cyndi Lauper theme song. 


One- Mouth is an asshole. 

Two- Fat shaming

Three- The Fratellis are pointless. 

Positive- Chunk

Pretty Woman


One- It’s a very white movie. 

Two- The penthouse suite isn’t very impressive. 

Three- Ugly tie. 

Positive- The Movie


One- It glamorises sex work. 

Two- Edward. 

Three- People who complain about the Materialism in the movie. It’s realistic. 

Positive- The Movie

Mrs. Doubtfire


One- That’s not how cartoons are made.

Two- Daniel is terrible.  

Three- The use of Dude Looks Like a Lady is cringeworthy. 

Positive- They don’t get back together at the end. 


One- Miranda drops the kids off late and picks them up early. That’s shitty to the kids. 

Two- Offensive language. The movie would be more woke now. 

Three- Allergies being used as a joke. 

Positive- The kids. 

The Good Son


One- The tone is all over the place. It doesn’t justify its R rating. 

Two- Casting Culkin. 

Three- The dialogue. 

Positive-It’s a good looking movie. 


One- The use of comic sans in the opening credits

Two-The casting/ Kit Culkin. 

Three- It's boring, 

Positive- Elijah Wood. 

Reality Bites


One- filmmakers using Gary glitter songs

Two- Troy is a terrible, terrible human being

Three- the "is that them? No, it's a double" trope.

Positive- naturalistic dialogue delivery. 


One- The presence of Andy dick

Two- No clear idea of the passage of time

Three- Troy is the worst, Michael is a good guy. 

Positive- The soundtrack. 

The Truth About Cats and Dogs


One- Putting skates on an actual dog. 

Two- The phone sex scene is a bit hard for a pg-13

Three- Roy doesn’t get his comeuppance. 

Positive- The relationship between the two women


One- The premise of the movie

Two- The movie isn’t more about the two women

Three- The use of the r word in the part of a song not in the actual movie. 

Positive- Still liking the movie and nothing changing. 

Drop Dead Fred


One- They shave a cat for one brief gag. 

Two- The girl who plays young Elizabeth clearly has different coloured eyes to Phoebe Cates. 

Three- “Kiss me and say my name”

Positive- Rik Mayall


One- Elizabeth’s clothes. 

Two - Janie is fucking nuts. 

Three- They didn’t get into its theme of childhood trauma more. 

Positive- Writers who don’t want care too much about creative control

St Elmo's Fire


One- Billy is scum. 

Two- Kirby

Three- The theme song which is nothing about the movie. 

Positive- The end credits because the movie is over. 


One Everything to do with Kirby. 

Two- Billy is a creep. 

Three- The ending. 

Positive- It’s a good hate-watch. 

Cherry Falls


One- The tone

Two-The killer’s motivation

Three- The MPAA fucked this movie over. 

Positive- Brittney Murphy


One- Satire can be confusing

Two- Sexual tension between father and daughter. 

Three- The killer’s motivation. 

Positive- The casting of Jay Mohr as a killer.

Planes Trains and Automobiles


One- Getting older and changing who you root for.

Two- It veers too much into the fantastical in the driving scene.

Three- What happens to the girl on the train? She isn't on the bus!

Positive- John Candy.


One- Neal is a big baby. 

Two- Gay panic. 

Three- The jacket getting caught scene, just pull over!

Positive- The scene where Neal realises the truth about Del. 



One- Simon

Two- I hate rave/dance music. 

Three- No real stakes. 

Positive- The cast. 


One- Simon

Two- The bouncers

Three- The cops suck. 

Positive- Melissa McCarthy

Home Alone 


One- Uncle Frank is a wanker

Two- Bare foot trauma. 

Three- Not enough John Candy. 

Positive- The stunts. 


One- Frank

Two- The burglars are terrible. 

Three- Kevin is intelligent but his time management skills are shit. 

Positive- The plotting is very tight. 

The Terminator


One- The score

Two- George Jetson’s hair is black not red on Sarah’s t-shirt. 

Three- the sex scene. 

Positive- The plotting is so tight. 


One- Kyle Reese is so mean and scary during their first meeting. 

Two- the stop motion terminator is not scary. 

Three- It’s not as good as T2. 

Positive- The writing.

Sliding Doors 


One- The majority of men are terrible. 

Two- Why do people in movies throw wedding rings away? 

Three- Some of the dialogue is forced towards the beginning. 

Positive- The chemistry between Gwenyth Paltrow and John Hanna. 


One- The first scene, she essentially fires herself. 

Two- She was going to get pregnant no matter what. 

Three- The need to have James lie about being married for conflict. 

Positive- The script.

Little Monsters


One- Maurice is terrible and has no character real arc. 

Two- The tone and who is the movie aimed at? 

Three- The underused bad guys, especially Boy. 

Positive- They don’t force a romance between Brian and Kiresten. 


One- Fred Savage is a little shit. 

Two- The monsters are awful, getting kids into trouble and ruining lives. 

Three- The dad. 

Positive- The story is interesting. 

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


One- The title. 

Two- The mother. 

Three- The secretary is correct but still treated as the villain. 

Positive- Kenny’s arc. 


One- The mother.

Two- Gus but also the whole “that’s just men” mentality. 

Three- Brian is a dum-dum. 

Positive- Rose



One- Where does her suit come from?

Two- The movie is lazy. 

Three-  The love story is based on a lie. 

Positive- The score. 


One- Where does her suit come from? How does she know about Clark Kent? 

Two- She only has a few days but has time to enrol in school. 

Three- Overacting. 

Positive- For little Jennifer- the fact that Bianca and Selina live in an amusement park.

               For older Jennifer- Bianca’s line, “the way to a woman’s heart is the elimination 

                                              of her rivals”. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


One- The characters and inconsistent acting. 

Two- The editing. 

Three- Breaking the fourth wall. 

Positive- One of the dream sequences. 


One- Merrick is too creepy. 

Two- Some of the sexism hits differently now. 

Three- The inconsistent vampire rules. 

Positive-You can see the bones of a good story. 

Sixteen Candles


One- Farmer Ted

Two- Racial stereotyping

Three- Jake

Positive- The soundtrack


One- Ableism 

Two- The grandparents 

Three- The rapiness of it all

Positive- The 80s of it all

My Girl


One- Shelley and Harry get engaged far too quick. 

Two- The use of silly “sexy” music when Vada is wearing makeup. 

Three- Weird time thing after the punch and the ex driving away. 

Positive- Anna Chlumsky


One- Watching the movie knowing what happens in the sequel

Two- The use of the word retarded

Three- How much the movie makes her cry. 

Positive- Anna Chlumsky. 

The Lost Boys


One- Star is a badly written character. 

Two- Everyone is white. 

Three- The grandpa rescue is cool but makes no sense. 

Positive- The soundtrack


One- The white maleness. 

Two- Why is there a sex scene? 

Three- When the kids go to the vampire’s lair, they are too loud. 

Positive- Dianne Wiest

The Mighty Ducks


One- It’s too cartoony at the start with sound effects. 

Two- Continuity error regarding Tammy’s hair. 

Three- Some storylines don’t get resolved. 

Positive- The adultness…there’s a blue balls gag in a Disney movie. 


One- Continuity error involving an egg. 

Two- Charlie’s hair. 

Three- The family movie friendly racism. 

Positive- The darkness of the movie.

My Father the Hero


One- Nikki is evil. 

Two- The oversexualisation of a 14 year old girl

Three- I blame this movie for Who Let the Dogs Out

Positive- A nice shot of the moon reflecting in a window. 


One- Nikki is a sociopath. 

Two- The premise of the movie

Three- It’s boring. 

Positive- The Bahamas looks very nice. 

The Rage: Carrie 2


One- Mark looks too old. 

Two- The scene where the dog gets hit by the truck. 

Three- Killing Sue Snell. 

Positive- The party massacre. 


One- Boys are gross/rape culture. 

Two- Rachel clearly knows how to put make-up but can’t in one scene. 

Three- The end jumpscare

Positive- The movie despite it’s a sequel to a classic. It had a lot against it. 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


One- Willie Scott

Two- It’s dark and not fun. 

Three- Bugs. 

Positive- The Score. 


One- Wilie Scott

Two- Kate Capshaw’s performance. 

Three- The food scene. 

Positive- Short Round. 

Sister Act 2


One- The “parent doesn’t want their kid do a certain thing” trope. 

Two- Comedy priests. 

Three- Breaking the fourth wall. 

Positive- Back in the habit is a great subtitle. 


One- There are only six teachers in the school. 

Two- Music is a required class yet her mum doesn’t want her to sing? 

Three- Why didn’t the NUNS go over their story better, they’ve done this before!

Positive- The music. 

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


One- The dream cop-outs. It makes the ending redundant. 

Two- Ben’s plot makes no sense. 

Three- Jack Black. 

Positive- The black best friend lived. 


One- Ty is so horny. 

Two- Why did they try to kill her by tanning bed after all that trouble? 

Three- Why did she ask what date it is? She would know! 

Positive- The black best friend lived. 

The Wizard


One-The way Jimmy is written. 

Two- Jimmy’s parents. 

Three- “He touched my breast!”

Positive- The cinematography. 


One- Are these kids not showering? 

Two- Putnam. 

Three- Where are the parents of the kids in the audience of the competition? 

Positive- The cast. 

To be continued...