Monday, 24 February 2020

Bonus: Slickers (1985)

It's the lost episode! In September 2019, Jim from the Fallacious Trump podcast joined me to talk about the pilot to the failed Michael Richards/Dana Carvey sit-com, Slickers. The audio was messed up on my end so I re-recorded bits, cut out certain lines and pulled my hair out getting this to you. As it's not great (you can tell when I re-recorded something), I decided to release it as a bonus episode because it's still a fun discussion. As usual, the pilot is linked to below and we should be starting an all new theme month next week. Enjoy!

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Pilot on Youtube

Monday, 17 February 2020

Bonus: Outtakes, Outtakes, Outtakes!

A collection of outtakes, bloopers and extended stuff from episodes past. Guests include, Tysto, Jen, JP, Martin, Owen, Alex and Nick. Marvel as I mess up an author's name by saying the wrong one, gasp as Jen and I talk about the War on Thanksgiving/Christmas and wonder just why I included me getting annoyed at my dog wandering about! Also includes Doctor Who talk, chatting about UK movie censorship and Jen's unique Christmas sweater. Enjoy! Contains strong language. Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Drop the Pilot-Suburban Beat (1985)

Tysto joins me to chat about the actually, surprisingly kind of fun "housewives solve crimes" show, Suburban Beat. With a great cast of recognisable stars and very 80s score, it's not an awful pilot. And Heather Langenkamp is the best. Contains a couple of f-bombs. By me, of course. End music "Suburban Beat theme by Mark Hoder. The pilot can be watched on Youtube and we both recommend it.

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Pilot on Youtube

Monday, 3 February 2020

Drop the Pilot-Super Clyde (2013)

Jen from Pilot Inspectors joins me to chat about Super Clyde starring Rupert Grint and Stephen Fry.In a surprise twist for this podcast... Jen actually really likes this one! I, forever the contrarian, have issues with it. We talk about that, the cast and whether or not we'd be like Clyde in the show. It may sound like I talk for ages and not let Jen say anything but the truth is, she didn't really have anything to say about the first half of the pilot. I didn't edit anything she said out. Honest. The pilot is available on Vimeo and is linked to below.
Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.
Super Clyde on Vimeo