Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Bonus- Junk Foodies- Great Scot!

As a bonus, please enjoy this episode of JP's Junk Foodies podcast in which I guest starred. In it, I tasked JP three UK foods to try (two Scottish) and he truthfully gives his opinions and then asks me some junk food related questions. It was a fun wee chat, enjoy!

Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Drop the Pilot- L.A. Confidential (2003)

Our guest this episode is JP from the Junk Foodies podcast who joins me to chat about the first TV adaptation of L.A. Confidential. We talk about the cast, bad Marilyn Monroe impersonators and ponder the weird inclusion of a fart noise in this serious drama. The pilot is available on Vimeo, the link is below.

Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.
See the pilot on Vimeo