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So, What's the Problem? The Cannonball Run (1981)

Tysto is back for his pick, which is this star filled comedy. The hosts disagree on a couple of things during their discussion on things such as stunts, Jackie Chan, Burt Reynolds and who does Jimmy prefer? Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? Listen to the end to hear what the next movie is. It's Jen's pick but it's okay, she told Jimmy and said it was okay for him to announce it. Contains strong language.  Fucking love it...

So, What's the Problem? Flash Gordon (1980)

Gordon's aliiiive? While Jen is on a break, Jimmy is joined by his friend Tysto of   to talk about this weird-ass classic. They talk racial stereotypes, having reactions to movies you have only seen the TV version of and, of course, someone attempts a Brian Blessed impression.  Tysto will be back next week with his pick... Contains strong language.  The two guys on the right  clearly don't know how to react to this insanity...

So, What's the Problem? Election (1999)

Join Jimmy and Jen as they talk about a movie Jimmy saw for the first time on the day of recording. They discuss the characters, the cast, the book and Jimmy gets a little mean spirited with one of his picks. Just a little bit. Oh and since this movie is called Election, expect things to get a bit political. Again, though, just a little bit. It's Jen's last show for a few weeks but she'll be back in July. Listen to the end to hear what Jimmy's plans for those Jen-less episodes are. Contains strong language.  I mean, yeah, always...

So, What's the Problem? Live and Let Die (1973)

Jimmy and Jen make a long overdue re-visit to the decade the former was born in to discuss Roger Moore's first Bond movie. Jimmy, with zero authority, teaches Jen about Bond and Jen smiles and nods politely. Contains strong language.  Ugh, why does he exist? 

So, What's the Problem? Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

We're back and for our first official episode of year three, Jen picked a Chris Columbus movie from the 80s! We talk about offensive language, Girl Meets World, The Rolling Stones, Friends and Kevin Spacey. You know, the usual. Contains strong language.  Good advice...