Thursday, 25 February 2021

Fringe Division: 1.10- Safe

 It's episode ten of Fringe, folks and it's a doozy! This is how you do a mid-season finale.  It's also our longest episode yet and Jimmy and Martin go over the plot as usual as well as chat about visual effects and suit sizes. It all makes sense, honest. Contains strong language. 

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Fringe Division: 1.9-The Dreamscape

 Jimmy and Martin talk about the ninth episode of Fringe but is the whole thing as good as the fantastic opening scene? And a new mystery arises... will Jimmy sneeze before the end of the podcast??? Contains strong language. 

Premonition of Tomorrow by Keys of Moon |
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Monday, 15 February 2021

So, What's the Problem? Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Two fans of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer chat about the 1992 movie that started it all. This episode was announced  before we knew of the news about Joss Whedon but you bet your ass that we're going to talk about it. Contains strong language and personal opinions...



Thursday, 11 February 2021

Fringe Division- 1.8: The Equation


Martin and Jimmy discuss episode 8 of Fringe, The Equation, which guest stars someone Martin didn't recognise at first but they're from a show that he loves. This week we go through the plot as usual but also it is time we talk about the Glyphs that the show uses. Contains strong language but shockingly not as much as usual. 

Monday, 8 February 2021

So, What's the Problem? Supergirl (1984)

 It's our first foray into Superhero movies with this frustrating curio from the 1980s. Strap in folks because we both have thoughts about this mess. Contains strong language and, unfortunately, talk about sexual assault because this dumbass tone deaf family movie tries to pass it off as comedy. 


Friday, 5 February 2021

Fringe Division- 1.7: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

 Fringe has well and truly officially started with the introduction of Mr. Jones as played by the wonderful Jared Harris! Yay! We talk about the usual and make jokes while Jimmy stumbles over his words. Enjoy! Contains strong language. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

So, What's the Problem? Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)


Back to the 90s and another favourite of Jen's from her childhood. And Jimmy's first time watching it. They talk about the characters and why one in particular is the worst as well as that long ass title. Does Jimmy like it? Does Jen, still? Listen to find out. Contains strong language. Next week, we delve into the world of comic book movies...

Best acting in the entire movie-