Monday, 6 April 2020

Drop the Pilot-Lookwell (1991)

JP makes a triumphant return to chat about Lookwell, a Conan O'Brien created pilot starring Adam West. We wonder if the once ahead of its time humour is now outdated and chat about the show's leading man. Enjoy! The show is on Youtube, link is below. Give it a watch, see what you think then let us know-

Listen to "Lookwell (1991)" on Spreaker.
Watch the pilot on Youtube


  1. I am not angry that Owen got to do this one instead of me. I'm perfectly fine with it. Even tho I requested literally first thing when this podcast began. And even tho I have seniority on account of me practically being a senior citizen. I'm not even going to suggest we could have done it all three together, because I wouldn't have wanted Owen to be overshadowed in that way. No, this is fine. I'll just listen to it.

    1. I apologise, I forgot. I can barely remember what we said last week, let alone three years ago.

  2. Wait. This is Danger Team, not Lookwell...