Sunday, 26 April 2020

Drop the Pilot- The Danger Team (1991)

Hey, everyone, Owen is back! He's here to chat about the rather odd pilot, The Danger Team which incorporates claymation figures into the real world. Alien clay crashlands on Earth and is molded into small characters who help a bookkeeper solve crimes. The 80s! Wait, this was made in the 90s??? This is the last episode for a short while as we take a break. Be back soon, in the meantime, join the revolution- #DangerHo.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Drop the Pilot- Steel Collar Man (1985)

Tysto joins me once again but this time to chat about the Dave Thomas written spoof, Steel Collar Man, starring Charles Rocket. It's basically an episode of "Jimmy explains what's going on to Tysto". Enjoy! The pilot is available on Youtube in three parts, links below.
Listen to "Drop The Pilot Podcast" on Spreaker.
Part one on Youtube
Part two on Youtube
Part three on Youtube

Monday, 6 April 2020

Drop the Pilot-Lookwell (1991)

JP makes a triumphant return to chat about Lookwell, a Conan O'Brien created pilot starring Adam West. We wonder if the once ahead of its time humour is now outdated and chat about the show's leading man. Enjoy! The show is on Youtube, link is below. Give it a watch, see what you think then let us know-

Listen to "Lookwell (1991)" on Spreaker.
Watch the pilot on Youtube